Friday, September 11, 2009

Obama is the first president of the New Order

The biggest lost opportunity of the Obama Administration came in his first hours, nay, its first minutes. The then-new President could have departed from the text of his inaugural address to chide those who had booed his predecessor. He could say that while they may not agree with Bush’s policies, they should honor the office and the Republican’s service as he would hope Bush’s supporters would honor the office now that one of their partisan adversaries had taken the helm.
Ronald Reagan was the greatest President of the twentieth century. He is the patron saint of conservatives in El Salvador. We will have to wait one hundred years for another great one to come along.
Obama is the first president of the New Order. We are in the power consolidation period in which the sheeple require many more dogs to herd them than will be the case when the power of the New Order is in place.

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