Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Reid: Obama had an advantage because he was “light-skinned” and had “no Negro dialect” — until he wanted to use it.

I guess that to be a Republican racist is a mortal sin, to be a Democrat racist means you are the leaders and statesmen of the Party, no matter what. Or no matter what you say is acceptable. . Actually what Harry Reid said is worse than what Don Imus said. And let’s be frank – Reid’s statement is accurate. His sin was opening his trap and saying what we all know, deep down, to be true. That’s why we’re so uncomfortable with it.
Democrats ACT like they are for the people, the little guy. That’s why the press gives them a pass.
Teddy Kennedy can murder a woman in his car leave the scene of an accident.
Patrick Kennedy can smack a tsa agent while trying to board a plane.
Sen Byrd can be a member of the KKK he’s a leader in the Democrat party and you never heard a peep.
Rep Conyers breaks many labor laws.
Jessie Jackson calls NYC hymietown.
C Mckenny smacks a capital hill cop and gets a slap on the wrist.
Chuck Shumer calls a flight attendant a “bitch” because she asks him to follow instructions to turn off his blackberry.
Geithner doesn’t pay his taxes, and he gets a promotion.
B Clinton abuses an intern and all he gets is embarrassed.
And I won't even get into Charlie Rangel's shenanigans, to which Congress has plainly turned a blind eye too.
The list is long and detailed.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Couple slips though white house security to crash state dinner

Crashing a state dinner at the White House apparently takes a security breakdown as well as some kind of nerve. The Secret Service is looking into its own security procedures after determining that a Virginia couple, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, managed to slip into Tuesday night's state dinner at the White House even though they were not on the guest list, agency spokesman Ed Donovan said. President Barack Obama was never in any danger. How can anyone in this country feel safe from terrorist attacks when not only are our military bases susceptible but our White House is as well?
What I find amazing is that the Associated Press is running this 'embarassing' article about the BO Admin. AND, by adding in up pictures of this couple posing with Katie & Old Joe, it makes fools of them too. Shows how easily they can be duped.

Obama's State dinner at the White House.

So the First Family threw a “Steak” dinner for the Premier of India. Isn’t a “Steak” dinner strange for Indian’s?
Oh it was a State Dinner. I didn't understand the Indian accent.
Oh well, I didn’t find anything particularly extraordinary about the First Lady’s dress and the President looked a tad uncomfortable in his tux. James Bond he ain’t.
I’m sure all the unemployed people who watched TV coverage of “Michelle and Barry’s Super Terrific Happy Hour,” while eating Spaghetti-O’s out of a can, were soooooo thrilled that First Lady “M” and Her Big Butt looked so fabulous in that *&^^%$# hideous dress. In fact she looks like Patrick Ewing in drag
Please, please, someone get Michelle on What Not To Wear. Let Stacy and Clinton have at her! Give up the vegetable garden (I’m surprised she didn’t show up in overalls and a straw hat). If she wants to be an example to millions, show the world people can learn to choose the right clothes for the right occasions.
And what was with that couple than slipped by Security! Or was it just another half-brother of Obama's?
How can anyone in this country feel safe from terrorist attacks when not only are our military bases susceptible but our White House is as well? This shows once again that Comrade Barry and his staff are incompetent boobs. This whole circus tent, made for media show was a foolish waste of borrowed-from-China funds. This scam was just the gravy on the turkey.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, more than ever, I am deeply grateful for the large, strong, loving heart of the average American. That heart beats within those who love this country enough to die for it.It is also a tolerant, forgiving, and gracious heart. But there are limits to how far it can be assaulted.

I wish you and all of yours a blessed Thanksgiving.

We do stand together, and we will not waiver. No matter what "The One" thinks!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Law and the internet

The Feds arrested 50 people this weekend. charging them with a variety of crimes, from setting up fake banking websites to collect the account numbers of unsuspecting customers to surreptitiously taping and selling unreleased movies. According to Ashcroft, online crime now accounts for more than one-half of all fraud complaints. Since Jan. 1, the Justice Department and other federal agencies have uncovered more than 89,000 victims bilked out of some $176 million. Hopefully the government has carefully thought through how they will establish jurisdiction over the defendants. More importantly, I hope they have the evidence necessary to prove their allegations so that the online thieves spend some real time in jail. Otherwise, the message will be completely lost.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trouble for Obama in 2010

I feel that unless millions of Americans who will vote become more educated about what it will take to save this republic, we are just set up for another election based on who promises the most goodies. More smiling politicians who promise to make my life better. More promises of more "programs" I will predict that DingleBarry will be voted out of office in 2012,
Those who voted Obama in do not keep up with current events which can also elevate his poll numbers. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. We have to get these folks dumped.
Millions of Americans need to decide that we need to elect Constitution-loving patriots who will strictly abide by the limits of that document, and begin dismantling "programs" that are in violation of it; even if it hurts. Americans that understand that the only thing we want from our government is to protect our homeland, and stay out of our way while we use our liberty to improve our own lives and the lives of those whom we love. Yes, Obama did it. But, people won't fall for the Phoney a second time. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are NOT stupid people (in spite of what we'd like to believe) But neither are the majority of the American people.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Democratic was once a party of the common people.

While I agree that the DNC has a good argument for tracing its origins back to the Democratic-Republican Party of Jefferson & Madison, since it is the sole surviving splinter faction from the 1824 election, it is disingenuous at best to make the connections you are attempting to do. Slavery was not an issue upon which the DRP was founded, nor was it an issue that drove wedges between political parties of the late 1700s and very early 1800s. Again, I’m speaking solely of the politics of the era of Jefferson, Madison & Hamilton. To make the leap you are doing in scoring a cheap political point against the modern DNC by tarring both Jefferson & Madison over something neither had a hand in (at least not more so than ALL the Founders) makes a mockery of history. In doing this you are also, ironically, borrowing a portion of a tactic the extreme Left uses to discredit ALL the Founders as nothing more than rich, white, male, racist, sexist, blah, blah, blah. The DRP had economic and political differences with the Federalists. Slavery was not among the major issues dividing these early parties. There were Federalists who supported slavery and those who opposed it, just like there were Democratic-Republicans who supported and opposed it. Ditto for the Whigs.

Both the DNC and GOP have evolved over the years, straying in some ways from their origins, and both have elements of Jeffersonianism and Hamiltonianism in them to varying degrees. The modern DNC may have a claim of lineage to the DRP, but cannot say it holds to all of that defunct party’s original views. Don’t believe me? Okay, let’s look at the major differences between Jefferson and Hamilton and how they might apply to today’s political landscape:

1. Which modern party supports a strong central government and which one favors a smaller Federal government, at least in theory? Jefferson held the latter view while Hamilton held the former.
2. Which modern party claims to favor states rights, at least in theory? Jefferson favored states rights while Hamilton did not.
3. Which modern party favors strong government oversight of banking? Today’s issue is somewhat different than what Jefferson and Hamilton argued about regarding the establishment of a Bank of the United States, but a reasonable argument can be made from their positions on that issue. Jefferson would probably oppose strong Federal oversight of banking today while Hamilton would probably support it. One can also surmise that both Jefferson AND Hamilton would be less likely to support Federal involvement in private business that we see today, though for differing reasons.
4. Which modern party holds to a broad interpretation of the Constitution and which one favors a narrow, or “strict”, approach? Jefferson argued for a narrow interpretation which favored states rights while the Hamilton favored a broad view that favored the national government at the expense of the states.

Jefferson & Madison are as much a part of the GOP’s political heritage, in philosophy at least, as Hamilton is part of the DNC’s. Neither modern party can be said to be “pure Jeffersonian” or “pure Hamiltonian”. The issues of their time differ from those of ours even though elements of their disagreements can be found in modern political discourse.

CUBAN DOCTORS defecting to the U.S. via Venezuela.

After bribing Venezuelan and Cuban staff who work as immigration officers at Maiquetía airport (16 miles north of Caracas), seven Cuban doctors serving on aid mission Barrio Adentro arrived Wednesday in Miami.

The defectors, who were seeking to fly to Miami, were briefly detained at the airport, and paid USD 5,200 to have their passports stamped and be allowed to board a flight bound to the United States. "We collected money among the seven doctors who were detained and we finally managed to travel," Jesús Peralta, 26, one of the defectors, told El Nuevo Herald newspaper

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Liberal Bloggers

The Liberal Bloggers are going BUNKERS about the poll on Facebook that asked about Obama's assassination. And rightfully so. But in the same light, they are asking about how the republicans would react if the samething happened to President Bush!
Well I have news for these liberal hypocrites. They did and still do exist.
The U.S. Secret Service is investigating a "poll" posted on Facebook that asked users the most unsocial, unspeakable question: Should President Obama be assassinated?

Facebook users and the national media are wringing their hands over the appalling poll that was posted on Facebook asking users if Barack Obama should be assassinated. Facebook has since taken down the poll, created by a third party user Several groups on Facebook are dedicated to the demise of George W. Bush. Most of the dozen or so groups dedicated to killing him however, have only a few followers, but some of them
Facebook doesn't seem to have taken down the sites promoting killing former President Bush even though the Secret Service is supposed to investigate threats to past presidents as well. It looks like several people aren't doing their jobs equally.
First of all, was it even considered that this person could be a liberal trying to scam conservatives and make them look bad?
The whole poin is that whoever did this was no doubt a crack-pot and we are making a moutain over a moehill. This was not a threat to the president and everyone knows that.
I performed a quick Google search and I found the following:
I found several groups on Facebook are dedicated to the demise of George W. Bush. Most of the dozen or so groups dedicated to killing him however, have only a few followers, but some of them have become quite popular.

For example there is a group named "We all Want To Kill George Bush" with 429 members, and LETS KILL BUSH WITH SHOES has 484 members.
Another A quick search for any threatening groups towards Bill Clinton resulted in the fact that he got off the hook, but his wife Hillary has earned a few threatening fans such as the members of the group "Kill Hillary" and "If Hillary Clinton is Elected, I'm shooting her."
So as you can see this is not anything new.
Definitely all groups and weirdos plotting or even suggesting to kill anybody should be removed and reported to the proper authorities. But lets not get so excited and put the blame on Rightwing extremists when it's os clear that this is the act of a nutjob Right or left wing.
And by the way, am I the only person in the world without a facebook account?

I’m upset with Our Dear leader.

As for Our Dear leader, I can list more than 20 things I’m upset with Our Dear leader for. None are as serious as his inexcusable delay at protecting and helping our troops in Afghanistan.
For example, The Department of Justice is now an arm of the Democrat’s political operations, dropping charges against allies (Black Panthers, Bill Richardson) while conducting politically-motivated investigations of CIA interrogators.

- Despite claims of moderation and centrism, the president has surrounded himself with advisers - Van Jones, Cass Susstein, John Holdren, Mark Lloyd - from the extreme fringe of the left.

- He is the first president to side with Marxist dictators (Chavez, Morales, and Castro) against an American ally, Honduras.

- He has fired or threatened to fire Inspectors General who expose the corruption of his cronies

- He has proposed or enacted exactly zero policies based on free market principles.
His choice to lead the men and women in that theater asked for more troops ONE MONTH ago!!!! 48,000 more in a surge to turn the tide of battle in Afghanistan. Our current administration is playing politics with the lives of our soldiers. Obama has convinced his hirelings to not publicly forward the request as he “studies” the situation. The General has asked for more troops and while Our Dear Leader is thinking about it he finds it more important to take a trip to Denmark next week to lobby the International Olympic committee about having the Olympics in Chicago he has time to take a trip to Denmark to promote another Chicago event ..... What is more important? DOESN’T it bother you that our president doesn't have time to talk with General McCrystal about saving lives in Afghanistan?
Could you imagine the outrage if Bush did this?
The Iranian’s are launching missiles, and he's running to Denmark to talk about Sports! Thus
he doesn't have the time to meet with Generals concerning Afghanistan? Meanwhile, our young men and women are dying in Afghanistan. Gotta love the priorities with this administration.
Here’s a little known fact for you folks to think about. We are at war in Afghanistan for about 7 years Obama has been in office for 9 months now and look at these statistics.
More than one-third of all US casualties in Afghanistan have happened since Obama took the oath of office on January 20th! Amazing!
Obama is the most divisive President since Richard Nixon. But don’t tell that to your liberal friends, they will spin it like a top. They will tell you how The Magic Negro mad History and how he’s going to save the whole world. HOW? By kissing up to them? By bowing to the Arab Kings? Or by having a beer with everyone that he has embarrassed.
And while you are thinking about that, let me throw this one out to you.. Obama is responsible for more government spending than all of his previous Presidents’ spending combined
Our men and women in arms are being shot at and killed while their commander in chief dawdles and delays wondering what to do. It’s inexcusable. Man up Mr President, make a decision!!! Chicken. Coward. Liberal Democrat. I’m embarrassed.