Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I’m upset with Our Dear leader.

As for Our Dear leader, I can list more than 20 things I’m upset with Our Dear leader for. None are as serious as his inexcusable delay at protecting and helping our troops in Afghanistan.
For example, The Department of Justice is now an arm of the Democrat’s political operations, dropping charges against allies (Black Panthers, Bill Richardson) while conducting politically-motivated investigations of CIA interrogators.

- Despite claims of moderation and centrism, the president has surrounded himself with advisers - Van Jones, Cass Susstein, John Holdren, Mark Lloyd - from the extreme fringe of the left.

- He is the first president to side with Marxist dictators (Chavez, Morales, and Castro) against an American ally, Honduras.

- He has fired or threatened to fire Inspectors General who expose the corruption of his cronies

- He has proposed or enacted exactly zero policies based on free market principles.
His choice to lead the men and women in that theater asked for more troops ONE MONTH ago!!!! 48,000 more in a surge to turn the tide of battle in Afghanistan. Our current administration is playing politics with the lives of our soldiers. Obama has convinced his hirelings to not publicly forward the request as he “studies” the situation. The General has asked for more troops and while Our Dear Leader is thinking about it he finds it more important to take a trip to Denmark next week to lobby the International Olympic committee about having the Olympics in Chicago he has time to take a trip to Denmark to promote another Chicago event ..... What is more important? DOESN’T it bother you that our president doesn't have time to talk with General McCrystal about saving lives in Afghanistan?
Could you imagine the outrage if Bush did this?
The Iranian’s are launching missiles, and he's running to Denmark to talk about Sports! Thus
he doesn't have the time to meet with Generals concerning Afghanistan? Meanwhile, our young men and women are dying in Afghanistan. Gotta love the priorities with this administration.
Here’s a little known fact for you folks to think about. We are at war in Afghanistan for about 7 years Obama has been in office for 9 months now and look at these statistics.
More than one-third of all US casualties in Afghanistan have happened since Obama took the oath of office on January 20th! Amazing!
Obama is the most divisive President since Richard Nixon. But don’t tell that to your liberal friends, they will spin it like a top. They will tell you how The Magic Negro mad History and how he’s going to save the whole world. HOW? By kissing up to them? By bowing to the Arab Kings? Or by having a beer with everyone that he has embarrassed.
And while you are thinking about that, let me throw this one out to you.. Obama is responsible for more government spending than all of his previous Presidents’ spending combined
Our men and women in arms are being shot at and killed while their commander in chief dawdles and delays wondering what to do. It’s inexcusable. Man up Mr President, make a decision!!! Chicken. Coward. Liberal Democrat. I’m embarrassed.


  1. I know a good way to protect our Troops and send a message to the world that it's not up to the U.S. to bear most of the burden of nation building. Bring our forces home from Iraq and Afghanistan so they can protect our borders. So in a way, I'm agreeing with you that President Obama needs to man up. I just want him to man up by standing up to those that will do their best to spin bringing our Troops home into some kind of "Hate America fest."

    President Obama is not the devisive one Robert. It is the extreme righties and their preconceived notions that are promoting devisiveness.

    The President has a big job. I'm glad President Obama is able to focus on more than one issue. There are certainly countless issues that affect us all everyday.

  2. I really don't think that you and I can agree on anything. But thanks for the visit. Do come back again, but not too soon.

  3. I think I sit with you on this one, Robert. While I don't wish Obama ill health, I certainly wish he wasn't president. From where I stand, I haven't seen Obama effective on any issues yet. He has made his agenda clear, and it is one of perhaps benefiting some, but costing many. And those who stand to pay most are left without the counterweight of any tangible benefit for their payment. Unfortunately for Obama, it is the working people who propel a capitalist country. Obama's agenda is costly and designed to benefit only his political allies. Thinking conservatives, who actually fund the government, would never allow this to happen, so Obama remains in neutral for the remainder of his only term.

  4. Truth 101 you are hilarious. I agree with you on this one Robert. Obama has been a disaster. It's everything we feared it would be.