Thursday, August 13, 2009

Under Obama’s Watch

Instead of referencing this nation’s achievements in the 232 1/2 years prior to his inauguration, Mr. Obama tells us what he has done since he took office.

He may talk about “responsibly ending a war” in Iraq, but he doesn’t mention the word, victory, nor the tyrant we overthrew, a tyrant who, by the way, had repeatedly snubbed his nose at the United Nations, you know, the institution he was addressing.

He does not mention how we helped liberate a continent from fascist tyranny. And the only time he mentions the President who led us to that great victory (a word absent from his discourse) was to reference his “vision for this institution” (i.e., the United Nations).

Nor did mention how Presidents of both parties stood strong against communism and for freedom, waging and subsequently winning the Cold War, bringing down the Iron Curtain and bringing freedom and economic growth to the long-suffering peoples of central and eastern Europe. Well, he did reference the Cold War, just once, reminding us that it was “long-gone.” Does he even appreciate how American policies made that so?
I’m sure many presidents dream of being added to Mt. Rushmore. Obama is the first to want to re-shape every head to match his. Unfortunately, none of the heads are big enough.

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