Thursday, November 26, 2009

Obama's State dinner at the White House.

So the First Family threw a “Steak” dinner for the Premier of India. Isn’t a “Steak” dinner strange for Indian’s?
Oh it was a State Dinner. I didn't understand the Indian accent.
Oh well, I didn’t find anything particularly extraordinary about the First Lady’s dress and the President looked a tad uncomfortable in his tux. James Bond he ain’t.
I’m sure all the unemployed people who watched TV coverage of “Michelle and Barry’s Super Terrific Happy Hour,” while eating Spaghetti-O’s out of a can, were soooooo thrilled that First Lady “M” and Her Big Butt looked so fabulous in that *&^^%$# hideous dress. In fact she looks like Patrick Ewing in drag
Please, please, someone get Michelle on What Not To Wear. Let Stacy and Clinton have at her! Give up the vegetable garden (I’m surprised she didn’t show up in overalls and a straw hat). If she wants to be an example to millions, show the world people can learn to choose the right clothes for the right occasions.
And what was with that couple than slipped by Security! Or was it just another half-brother of Obama's?
How can anyone in this country feel safe from terrorist attacks when not only are our military bases susceptible but our White House is as well? This shows once again that Comrade Barry and his staff are incompetent boobs. This whole circus tent, made for media show was a foolish waste of borrowed-from-China funds. This scam was just the gravy on the turkey.

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